Stuart Ohrland


  • Project and Programme Management
  • Client Liaison
  • Business Management
  • Traffic Signal Design and Implementation

Stuart is the Director of GSC with a strongly-held belief in the Company’s vision to deliver “a high quality service by engaging with clients and going the extra mile”. He has over 12 years of experience in the traffic engineering industry and has a keen interest to engage with clients to ensure that the right projects are commissioned and that they are delivered well.

Stuart started work in 2001 as a Traffic Signal Assistant Engineer, undertaking design and implementation of Traffic Signal schemes and developing into a competent Project Manager. In recent years he has specialised in Client engagement to ensure that the Engineering team provide high quality solutions that meet the needs of the project. Stuart prides himself on ensuring that the delivery of projects are on time and meet the agreed budget.

Stuart was the lead technical author in the development of the UKRLG Code of Practice for “The Management of Electronic Traffic Equipment” which provides Local Highway Authorities with a benchmark for asset management within the ITS industry.

Stuart recently worked on a project to implement UTC/SCOOT in Dubai which included over 40 sites, optimising UTC/SCOOT operation and improving journey times on key routes in the Emirate. The project was hugely successful, and delivered all of the key objectives set out by the client.

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