Paul Finch


Senior Engineer

  • ITS Asset Management
  • ITS System Operation & Management
  • Traffic Signal Design/Modelling
  • Traffic Signal Commissioning & Validation

Paul is a Senior Engineer in GSC with over 26 years experience in the ITS industry. An Incorporated Engineer with the IHE, Paul’s expertise lies in the improvement of the road network as a whole, with a wealth of experience in network performance including implementing congestion reduction measures such as pre-signals.

Paul also has over 15 years experience in UTC/SCOOT operation, having worked on both Siemens and Peek UTC systems and implemented SCOOT control on well over 300 sites.

Paul was a key individual in a Journey Time project, which involved implementing a number of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras for a client on key routes in to a City. Paul was also the key person in then implementing a data link between the police and client systems doubling the amount of data available for each party and increasing the overall accuracy of journey times.

Most recently, Paul has worked on a UTC/SCOOT validation project in Dubai which involved over 40 sites and looked at improving UTC/SCOOT operation and therefore journey times on key routes in the Emirate.

Paul outside of work is into his motorbikes, tinkering and planning his next European trip with his biking pals. He is also into his DIY and has a wealth of tools to complete his latest project. Paul also likes food and treating his wife and family to meals out at local restaurants.

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