Urban Traffic Control or UTC is a system for monitoring and communicating with traffic signals across a network and includes various functions such as the implementation of fixed time plans or SCOOT.

Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique or SCOOT provides adaptive signal control within UTC to optimise traffic flow within a designated region.

SCOOT is the world's leading adaptive traffic control system. Although used mostly in the UK it is also found in countries as far apart as Brazil, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Members of the team have worked extensively on SCOOT systems in many locations. We have expertise across the full extent of UTC systems and SCOOT and our Engineers have given many presentations as well as training courses on these subjects for a number of clients.

All of our Engineers have extensive experience undertaking the design and/or modification of signalised junctions including controller configurations and EPROMS to implement and optimise UTC/SCOOT.

We are experienced at preparing contract specifications for UTC systems as well as undertaking submission reviews and providing client advice following contractor presentations.

Our vast levels of practical experience validating and operating UTC and SCOOT stands us in good stead for understanding the implications of design decisions, as well as ensuring that FAT and SAT’s are undertaken competently, taking into account all foreseeable issues.

Our practical experience also lends itself to being able to provide clients with advice for modifications to their highway network, in order to optimise traffic flows by improved infrastructure, as well as improvements in control methodology such as MOVA, UTC fixed time plans, SCOOT or vehicle actuation.

We can write the UTC/SCOOT database for new schemes and amend existing databases for current regions. In addition our whole team has extensive experience undertaking SCOOT validation and operating large UTC/SCOOT networks throughout the UK and overseas.

We are familiar with Peek and Siemens UTC/SCOOT systems, undertaking day to day operation of a UTC system for over 15 years, including the development of strategies which can be introduced manually or automatically for one off and planned events, incident management and congestion reduction.

Our UTC/SCOOT team are experienced at undertaking reviews of UTC systems and making recommendations for the implementation of improvements.




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