Traffic Signal Design

We have extensive experience in all areas of traffic signal design, including specialists in UTC/SCOOT and MOVA. We are able to offer a complete service from initial feasibility studies, contract preparation, detailed design, installation supervision and commissioning.

Our staff are competent to undertake traffic modelling as part of any design. We are familiar with industry standard modelling software TRANSYT and LINSIG and are able to extract timing data and plans from the modelling results.

Our vast experience implementing, validating and operating signal installations throughout the UK and Internationally, allows us to derive timing plans based on observation of real-time driver behaviour, lane usage and traffic flow. Often these plans have proven to provide at least as good an outcome as the modelled equivalent.

Non-Motorised User Crossings. We have a vast experience of designing signalised crossings for non-motorised users, indeed one member of the Green Signals team designed the first dual Puffin crossing in the UK in 1994. We can provide designs for crossing as a standalone facility, on MOVA or part of a UTC network.

Junctions. From a simple two stage “T” junction to a large multi-stream 26 phase multi approach junctions we can undertake all aspects of the design and installation.

Signalised Roundabout. We have designed many signalised roundabouts using both full time and part time modes, using different methods of control, CLF, MOVA, UTC fixed time plans or SCOOT or a combination.

Innovative Solutions. We have undertaken a number of site specific bespoke designs, usually to address congestion/safety issues. These are usually part time systems switched on site specific triggers using a range of detection methods, however our Engineers have the ability to adapt designs to meet the specific requirements of any particular requirement.




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