Traffic Control Centres & Strategy Intervention

Our engineers have over 30 years experience of day to day operation and maintenance of traffic control systems, such as UTC/SCOOT. Traffic signals, Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Remote Monitoring (RMS).

We have a broad range of experience with regard to Traffic Control Centres, UTMC implementation and operation as well as providing expert advice on such systems and the strategic nature of how they can be optimally implemented.
Our experience of working in Traffic Control Centres (TCC) both in the UK and abroad has provided an excellent opportunity for understanding the difficulties that an authority will face when implementing new systems, as well as many of the typical problems that can be found once the system has been operational for a period of time.

We believe that our independence from the main UTMC manufacturers provides us with an advantage in that we can assess a client’s requirements and present the most appropriate solution from a full range of products. In addition, it is always our best intention to ensure that a client is fully supported in both the implementation of a new system, as well as in the further operation of the system, as per each individual client’s requirements.

Our specialisms include the full range of ITS assets that can be used for congestion reduction. Examples of these assets include:

  • Traffic Signals
  • CCTV
  • Car park guidance
  • ANPR
  • VMS
  • RMS
  • Common databases.

During special events our staff have been stationed in a TCC to act as system specialist and advise on strategy implementation as well as responding to unexpected incidents on the network with the creation of bespoke plans to alleviate and prevent congestion.

We have operational experience of the implementation of UTC green wave plans and emergency/priority vehicle strategies, and have also provided consultancy advice on these subjects.

We have prepared evacuation, clearance and diversion routes for sporting events and other special events triggered either manually, by timetable or automatically using data collected from other systems.





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