Signal Controller Specifications Configurations

We aim to provide a high quality service by engaging with clients and ensuring that we go the extra mile, whilst being price competitive by minimising our overheads.

We have many years of experience writing traffic signal controller specifications from the early days of MCE 0141 to the current TR2500.

We can provide hard copies for submission to the highway authority for approval or to the signal controller manufactures, for them to configure and blow the controller EPROM.

We are familiar with and have used configuration software from the major controller manufacturers Siemens (IC3 and IC4) Peek (TRX) and Microsense (MTC), and we are competent to undertake work of this nature.

We have a Siemens IC4 configurator suite and are able to configure and emulate simple pedestrian crossing to multi-stream complex junctions.

We are able to derive and incorporate Special Condition statements to incorporate site specific requirements into controller configurations, either bespoke or derived from our extensive library previous configurations.

As part of any signal design/controller specification we are able to include operational mode (MOVA, SCOOT VA and CLF) specific configurations to optimise the chosen mode of operation.

With the move to UG405 and I.P. communications we have undertaken specific configurations to ensure the best use for installation, operation and maintenance of the new communication protocols.

We can undertake Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the configured controller acting as the Clients representative if required.

We can attend Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and commissioning, of all types of signal installation including MOVA and UTC SCOOT. Undertaking site validation of Vehicle Actuation (VA) timings, Cableless Linking Facility (CLF) plans, based on real traffic flows and site conditions.




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