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We have more than 15 years of experience configuring and operating a UTC SCOOT system for a single local authority as well as further experience working on a number of other systems both in the UK and overseas.

Many authorities operating an urban network, now own their own UTC system and within this system the majority will have a number of SCOOT sites configured. TRL claims that the implementation of SCOOT will reduce delay by 20% within urban areas; many authorities do indeed experience such improvements within their network, however many, authorities do not. There are a number of reports that can be found on the internet that attempt to discredit the benefit of SCOOT, however in the experience of our Engineers, systems that are claimed not to provide any benefit have either been implemented in inappropriate locations or have not been validated correctly.

Where the UTC SCOOT system has not been properly maintained, the database configuration can degrade over time. This degradation occurs for any number of reasons, such as changes in staff and/or experience, faults that have not been repaired properly or land use changes; however it can often be very difficult for staff working on the system day to day to notice this degradation as it normally occurs slowly and over a long period of time.

As a result of the extensive knowledge of our team, we currently are and have undertaken a number of reviews of various UTC SCOOT systems both in the UK and overseas. These SCOOT reviews are highly valued by clients as they provide a low cost independent assessment of their system.

Following the review, the authority will understand the positive and negative aspects of their system, and they are provided with a detailed gap analysis and implementation plan for improvements to be made. In our experience, these improvements normally provide significant benefits to the network and the end user that vastly outweigh the costs.




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