Remote Monitoring Systems

Within the Traffic Signal industry it is common practice to monitor on street assets remotely, either via Urban Traffic Control (UTC) or a Remote Monitoring System (RMS). Current industry regulations and Codes of Practice (CoP) recommend that in order to ensure traffic signals continue to perform in accordance with the equipment specifications, and safety levels are not eroded, assets should be inspected periodically and are monitored either by UTC or RMS.

With the skills that our engineers have at Green Signals Consulting we are able to Review, Recommend, Configure and Implement changes to either RMS or UTC In-station systems, ensuring that the assets on street and systems in the office continue to perform effectively. We have experience in operating and interrogating most RMS manufacturers systems.

Members of our team have operated and managed Remote Monitoring Systems day to day for a number of clients. Services provided include:

  • Recommendations on RMS systems
  • Performance Review of current RMS systems and follow on report
  • Configuration of RMS systems
  • Day to Day Management of RMS systems
  • DUSC (Dial Up Strategic Control) design & configuration

We recognise that the manufacturers of RMS systems offer some support already, however this is normally limited to system issues.

We believe that we are in a position to be more objective over recommendations for RMS services than a manufacturer as we can assess the needs of an authority and independently assess which system may provide the greatest benefit to the user, without being restricted by aiming to sell a product.

In addition, we are able to offer a full range of services which are tailored towards the client and their requirements, from looking for some minor advice or just a chat regarding a single asset configuration right up to the day to day management of a full RMS system.

Please contact Green Signals Consulting if you would like further information or would be interested in having a no-obligation discussion on any matter to do with RMS.




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