Operations and Network Management

Our engineers have more than 30 years of experience operating and undertaking the management of maintenance of traffic control systems, including systems such as UTC/SCOOT as well as assets such as traffic signals, Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Remote Monitoring (RMS).

The majority of our team have experience working in at least one traffic control centre, in both supporting and supervisory roles.

Our team have expertise in planning, preparing and introducing successful alternative strategies for implementing on the network for special pre-planned events. Special pre-planned events can be classed as activities that occur on a regular basis, such as football matches or music festivals, or one-off events such as diversions due to road works on another part of the network.

In addition to planned events, our team have written many response plans for unforeseen events, that can quickly be implemented in the event of an accident or incident on the network.

We are specialists at congestion reduction using the full range of ITS assets CCTV, car park guidance, ANPR and common databases. Our engineers have experience at providing such services over a number of years and as a result of their hard work, understanding of traffic and implementation of innovate methods, have been able to contribute to significant journey time improvements in various places in both the UK and overseas.

We can provide on-street problem solving and congestion reduction using innovative methods and designs providing value for money solutions. Some previous schemes that our Engineers have led have shown payback times measured in weeks.

Members of our team are experienced at managing and investigating faults on systems such as RMS and UTC/SCOOT. We have also led the implementation of improvements which have been identified in order to ensure both the in-station and on street the equipment performed at their optimum and that fault rates were reduced.

We have managed and undertaken the daily monitoring and reporting of faults on ITS equipment, dealing with all generated issues such as lamp and detector faults, and have issued instruction to the local authorities maintenance contractor, following up the actions until each fault is cleared.

In addition, our team are experienced at providing Consultancy advice to help an authority plan the full management of their network. We can undertake feasibility studies, develop asset management plans and programs as well as undertake network reviews to ensure the optimisation of existing highway infrastructure.





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