The Green Signals team are both highly experienced and competent in all major areas of traffic control. Our experience of partnering and working with various highway authorities in the UK and overseas means that we recognise that many authorities do not currently have the necessary skills and may have knowledge deficiencies in certain areas.

Formal training courses can be valuable for knowledge capture, however after the training course, the individual often returns to their desk and is expected to implement what they have learnt, without the on-going support which may be required. This can lead to learned skills being forgotten or implemented incorrectly, devaluing the time and money spent on training.

We have a firm belief at Green Signals that true learning is not undertaken in a classroom environment but actually working on real projects in an everyday environment. Our experienced team have all benefitted from this method of training and this has ensured that we all have a broad range of skills which can be deployed across a wide range of projects. This method of learning also means that we have great respect for those individuals that do not hold those skills but have a capacity and willingness to learn.

We believe that for the wider benefit of the industry as well as for the specific highway authority, it is critical that Engineers are supported on an on-going basis as this style of training has proven to be more successful.

We have significant experience providing mentoring training in a workplace environment over a number of years. This training method ensures that the employing organisation grows its knowledge base through complementing their work programme, rather than losing the Engineer whilst they attend a course. Over a period of time, the reliance on third party consultant involvement will be reduced, providing potential cost savings. Improvements in the implementation and operation of the assets by having knowledgeable staff which will also contribute further cost savings to the authority.

Mentoring can be provided on a schedule which meets the client’s needs; this may be short term with regular contact or over a longer period as required. We are able to adapt the training methods to suit the engineer and their employer, always ensuring that we keep in mind the final requirements of the employer to improve their skill base.




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