Microprocessor Optimisation Vehicle Actuation or MOVA is a dynamic adaptive traffic control system developed by TRL and is used mostly in the UK, and Ireland.

Members of the team have been involved in the design, implementation and validation of MOVA sites for over 14 years and have overseen the introduction of MOVA at over 95 sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as 2 sites in Dubai, the only known sites outside of Europe.

The types of MOVA scheme for which our Engineers have been responsible for include the following:

  • Standalone Single Crossings
  • Standalone Dual Crossings
  • Simple Junctions
  • Complex Junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Linked junctions

One recent project in which our Engineers were responsible included the design, implementation and validation of MOVA at 7 linked sites as part of a major town centre redevelopment. This project involved special conditioning to link different junctions as well as UTC special conditioning which enables MOVA to operate during the off-peak and UTC SCOOT to operate during the peak hours.

We have the capability to prepare contract specifications for MOVA including the provision of MOVA cruise speed assessments, MOVA datasets as well as detailing all specific EPROM special conditioning requirements.

We are familiar with most manufacturer’s traffic control equipment, including Peek, Siemens and Telent and we can prepare the specific requirements of each controller and the respective MOVA units.  

Our vast levels of practical experience validating and operating MOVA sites stands us in good stead for understanding the implications of design decisions, as well as ensuring that FAT and SAT’s are undertaken competently, taking into account all foreseeable issues.

Our practical experience also lends itself to being able to provide clients with advice for modifications to their highway network, in order to optimise traffic flows by improved infrastructure, as well as improvements in control methodology such as UTC fixed time plans, SCOOT or vehicle actuation.




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