Junction Modelling

Many highway authorities wish to see junction capacity modelling undertaken before approving modification or new junction designs and installations.

As Engineers, we have previously been responsible for the day to day operation of a signal network across a large region. We found that it was useful to have junction models that accurately represented the operation of individual junctions, as these could then be used for calculating potential efficiency savings at various junctions around the network, prior to implementation.

The Green Signals team are familiar with both the TRANSYT and LINSIG modelling software packages having used them for many years. Coupled with our operational experience we believe we can offer a very realistic view of traffic behaviour and lane usage, ensuring that the model that is developed, is both appropriate and accurate for the final solution on street, rather than being an idealised model to show the maximum capacity.

It is also important to remember that modelling can provide more than capacity calculations, with models being able to assist in UTC Database configuration and also able to provide important “before” and “after” comparison for improvement schemes. A realistic model in this respect ensures that an authority spends money on the schemes that will provide the greatest payback.




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