Feasibility Study

Many highway authorities require Feasibility Studies to be undertaken to determine the impact of proposed traffic signal schemes, before formal designs are commissioned.

We have previously undertaken feasibility studies for a variety of schemes, including the installation of  pedestrian crossings, assessing networks of both controlled and uncontrolled junctions and the installation of other ITS related equipment, such as Variable Message Signs and Vehicle Activated Signs.

We found that it is best to always carry out an in depth detailed analysis of each site. This analysis details all of the items and requirements that will need to be taken to into account for the ultimate design and subsequent installation of the scheme.

The on-site detailed analysis is also extended to reviewing traffic patterns and driver behaviour, as they can significantly impact on the both the location of the proposed installation as well as its operation.

Depending upon the type of proposed installation we found that modelling of the installation/network is also necessary.

The Green Signals team are familiar with both the TRANSYT and LINSIG modelling software packages having used them for many years. Coupled with our operational experience we believe we can offer a very realistic view of traffic behaviour and lane usage, ensuring that the model that is developed, is both appropriate and accurate for the final solution on street, rather than being an idealised model to show the maximum capacity.

For each feasibility study a comprehensive report is produced detailing the findings of the in depth site analysis and the modelling results for each scenario investigated. The report also details specific recommendations for the highway authority to consider along with potential costs and benefits of any proposals made.





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