Factory & Site Acceptance Testing and Validation

We are experienced at undertaking Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) as the Clients representative for traffic signal controllers operating any mode of control, including complex UTC/SCOOT or MOVA junctions  and other ITS related systems.

For the Siemens T750 - T950 signal controller family we have our own IC4 configurator and emulator and can undertake testing either at our own office or at a Clients office to demonstrate and undertake testing.

We are familiar with a wide variety of controller types covering most manufacturers and can undertake testing on behalf of a client for the majority of signal controllers used in the UK today.

Green Signals Consulting is registered under the National Highway Sector Scheme 8 (NHSS 8) and our staff are approved over the schemes elements related to a broad range of ITS systems.

We are fully competent to attend Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and commissioning, for all types of signal installation including MOVA and UTC SCOOT, as well as for other ITS infrastructure such as Variable message Signs (VMS), CCTV and ANPR.

In order to ensure the most efficient operation of new and modified signal installations, our Engineers undertake site validation of the signal timings for all modes of control.

Examples of the validation activities that we are able to undertake include:

  • Vehicle Actuation (VA) timings during peak and off peak periods
  • Inputting of and adjustment of Cableless Linking Facility (CLF) plans, based on actual traffic flows and site conditions.
  • We are able to validate both Siemens and Peak UTC/SCOOT networks including multimode plan preparation and database builds.
  • Both multi-stream MOVA and Compact MOVA installation can be validated by our staff, including SCOOT/MOVA combination systems.

In our experience, re-validation of existing sites can greatly improve the efficiency as often, the performance of existing junctions can degrade over time with changing traffic patterns or insufficient maintenance. Previous examples of revalidation that our Engineers have undertaken include journey time improvements by as much as 60% in some cases.

We would strongly recommend that any Local Authority reviews their existing timings on a regular basis, in order to maintain the optimal operational performance of their network.




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