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Each of our engineers has worked extensively with a large range of clients in both the Public and Private sectors in the UK and Overseas. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that we capture fully the requirements for each project as we believe that this helps deliver a quality final solution.

We are competent to provide technical support to clients and have vast experience at guiding them through key decisions, across a full range of subjects including:

Strategy Planning & Implementation - We are fully experienced at leading this process and have assisted clients in planning their network for optimal asset implementation, as well as following this through into designs and implementation, supporting the client through the whole process.

Developer Control/Management - As part of highway authorities planning controls, developers are often required to undertake works to implement new signalised facilities or upgrade existing signals. Our engineers have extensive project experience working on behalf of both parties, which allows our Engineers to have a unique perspective to provide a fair approach to both parties.

Technical Approval - Our team have undertaken the role of Technical Approver on behalf of a number of highway authorities in the past. This role is critical to an authority as it helps to safeguard their interests, prior to the implementation of a project, ensuring that liabilities, both from a cost and safety viewpoint are minimised as far as possible.

Procurement – We can provide guidance through the ITS procurement process, from writing equipment specifications through to assessing tenders and award of contracts. Our team are happy to provide technical support and procurement assistance in order to ensure that a client is able to deliver their project successfully from the outset.




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