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Asset Management in all industries is an important task, however it seems that the Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) industry is behind others. To catch up a large effort is required by asset owners to ensure they understand their responsibilities and the challenges that lie in wait. Future asset revenue funding by Government could rely solely on Asset Management information gathered and therefore it is important that this information is up to date, reliable and readily available to be reported on.

Green Signals Consulting has a broad range of skills in relation to Asset Management specifically with ITS, enabling us to provide services such as Asset Condition Reports on individual or multiple assets, all the way up to  an ITS Asset Management Strategy for a client.

Our Engineers were key players in the development and writing of the Code of Practice for the Management of Electronic Traffic Equipment, which was published in September 2011 by the DfT. This Code of Practice provides recommendations for good practices in Asset Management for Local Authorities in the UK, in order to provide a common base level of good practice and ensure that all Authorities understand the importance of preventative maintenance as part of an effective Asset Management strategy.

Members of our team have managed and investigated faults on ITS Asset Systems (incl. Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) and UTC/SCOOT), implementing amendments as necessary to ensure both the In-station and Asset Equipment on street are performing at their most efficient.

Green Signals Consulting has the capability and experience to work alongside client engineers, providing on the job training and advice to allow the on-going task of providing Asset Management information within the client organisation.

We are able to provide operational as well as consultancy advice on ITS Maintenance contracts, Fault Analysis, Asset Improvement/Refurbishment Programmes and Asset Management Monitoring Systems.




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